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19 November 2017


  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    - Dec 25, 2016
    Co-written with Ayanna Diaz The holiday season is definitely a busy one, with many different winter festivities going on at once. Ornamented evergreens, Jewish menorahs and Kwanzaa candles are just a few of the traditional icons...
  • Red Crew Makes a Difference

    - Nov 23, 2016
    Co-written with Elizabeth Cooley Andrean High School is a college preparatory school that equips its students with a faith-based education as well as knowledge in leadership and service. However, the lessons and opportunities do not end...
  • Andrean Alumni: Returning Home to Pay It Forward

    - Sep 30, 2016
    Co-written with Ayanna Diaz Teenagers and college students encounter many different surprises, revelations, and opportunities as their lives begin to unfold. Many of these can lead to them being somewhere they did not expect. For most...
  • The Linguistic Success of Maisie DeMass

    - Sep 17, 2016
    Most high school students have many dreams and aspirations, even if they do not know their intended major. Some students, especially those at schools where learning a foreign language is required, aspire to become bilingual or...
  • Niners’ New Nurse

    - Sep 16, 2016
    From a hospital in Dyer to a school in North Carolina, Mrs. Beth Calendar has seen a lot in her thirty-three years working as a nurse. Working as a school nurse for students ranging from kindergarten...
  • Andrean Administration Gears Up for a Great School Year

    - Sep 13, 2016
    Co-written with Elizabeth Cooley and Alex Lee The Andrean Family welcomes Dr. Tony Bonta as the acting administrator of Andrean High School for the 2016-2017 school year. When he attended Andrean in 1983, he was voted Most...
  • Andrean Welcomes Back Mr. Wachowski

    - Sep 8, 2016
    One of Andrean’s most beloved teachers, Mr. Steve Wachowski, is back. He worked for Andrean from 2000 to 2015, teaching English and social studies classes. Last year, he worked at St. Michael’s in Schererville teaching middle...
  • Getting Real with O’Neill

    - May 11, 2016
    On Twitter, we asked you which teacher we should interview for our next Q&A feature article. Mr. O’Neill received the most votes in the end, but we are planning to write our next Q&A about Mr....
  • Trainer D Wins Teacher of Month for January

    - Feb 26, 2016
    Twenty-six years ago, Trainer D arrived at Andrean High School. A physical therapy company contracted her here out of college, and being only 22 years old at the time, she didn’t want a formal title. Because...
  • New Staff Member: Alex Lee

    - Jan 11, 2016
    Hey there, everyone! My name is Alex Lee and I joined the Acropolis staff mid-year as a staff writer. I also help out with website upkeep and sometimes with the social networks. I’m a junior at Andrean, and...