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19 November 2017

Petro caps off successful season

Junior Allison Petro represented Andrean at the IHSAA golf regionals on Saturday the 26th at Battle Ground Golf Club in Battle Ground, IN.

Petro placed second as an individual qualifier in sectionals, which advanced

her to the IMG_0634  IMG_0635Regionals.

“I practiced hard all week, as any athlete would do before Regionals. The nerves did not set in until I was going down to Lafayette,” Petro said.

Petro has only been golfing for one year and hopes to get further in her years to come.

“I was nervous considering I was up against girls who have been golfing their whole life,” Petro said.

Going into next year, Petro hopes to build on her success. The aspects she wants to improve include gaining more distance and accuracy in hopes of lowering her overall scoring average.

“I would love to get more distance out of my drives and iron shots, that would help reduce my score by helping me get to the green quicker. I can always work on chipping and putting because short game is where a lot  of your score comes from,” Petro said

Petro added, “My goals are to improve my game and lower my score so I can come back next year and place higher.”

According to Coach Listro, Petro had a successful season.

“One of our top players all year. I am very proud of her accomplishments. She will be the team captain going into next year,” Listro said.


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