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19 November 2017
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Sinatra, Queen, and Emo-Punk: Death of a Bachelor

Described as a “mix between Sinatra and Queen, “ Death of a Bachelor is alternative rock band Panic! At The Disco’s 5th studio album. Since drummer Spencer Smith’s departure in April of 2015, the last standing original member is vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Brendon Urie.

The album kicks off with the dance-heavy banger, “Victorious,” and takes the listener on a ride from dance heaven, past the 40’s-era horns, and rounds out with a Sinatra-style ballad. While the album covers a wide variety of musical styles, the obvious central goal is to show off the still-shining gem that gives the band life, Urie’s vocal brilliance.

On Death of a Bachelor, Brendon was really able to take the reigns on the entire production process, and he reminded himself why he’s in the band and involved in the music industry.

“…it’s cool ’cause in the past I was writing most of everything, but this time it was actually all me and I got to record every instrument on this album, except for the horns, which was a huge deal for me,” said Brendon.

The true greatness blasts from Urie’s passion and drive to tell a story to his audience. The descriptive lyrics paint a picture for the listener, and the accompanying instrumentation reinforces those visions.

“Everything I’m writing about is very close to my heart and very much about what I’ve been through, mostly in the last couple of years,“ said Urie.

The album can make the listener want to jump up and dance or curl into a ball and sob—the point is that it invokes genuine emotion. It takes the listener on a ride from the young, eventful life of a bachelor into the sad, old end, all in chronological order. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see what they bring on tour in spring.

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