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19 November 2017

Andrean Theatre Company to Put On Peter and the Starcatcher Next Fall

Many of us would expect the Andrean Theatre Company to take a short break to catch its breath after a production as big as Beauty and the Beast. The Thespians at Andrean are doing exactly the opposite. After spending two weeks performing what has been said to be the biggest production in recent Andrean history, Director Stephen Grabek has announced that next fall, Andrean will be the first high school ever to put on the Broadway play Peter and the Starcatcher.

Similar to the Broadway hit Wicked, Peter and the Starcatcher tells the story of a well-known childhood character before he makes his iconic appearance. While Wicked tells the story of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, the Theatre Company’s most recent undertaking tells the story of Peter Pan before he actually became Peter Pan. The play follows the 13 year-old orphan boy Peter and his friend Molly Aster, the Starcatcher. Beginning in Great Britain, the play follows Peter as he travels across the sea to Neverland. However, according to sophomore Thespian Garret Brittingham, the play will require minimal sets and props despite the dramatic changes in setting.

“[Peter and the Starcatcher is] different from every play I’ve seen before because, the way it’s set up, they don’t use actual props like stage sets. [The actors] use each other. The door could be a person, or the wall could be a person, things like that,” said Brittingham. According to Brittingham, this is what really contributed to his love of the play. “It was just a really different play from what I’ve seen, and I loved it. I was absolutely amazed by it.”

Sophomore Thespian Matt Tarala is excited for the play as well, but for a few different reasons. “In previous plays, I was new so I was still learning the ropes, but now that I’m used to everything, I think I’ll be able to work with everyone more openly, especially the directors,” said Tarala. After losing many seniors this year such as Mark Judge, Molly Mueller, and Kevin Smith, the Thespian Society will definitely be able to use new members like Tarala in its ranks.

Auditions for Peter and the Starcatcher will be held for the Thespian Society members on Tuesday, May 17th in St. Basil’s Theatre.

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