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19 November 2017

Academic Super Bowl Competes At State

On May 7, the history and interdisciplinary teams of Academic Super Bowl traveled to Purdue University to compete at the state level. The history team finished second in the state and the interdisciplinary team finished fourth.

The subject of Academic Super Bowl was Hoosier History, in light of Indiana’s bicentennial this year. Students studied artists and musicians from Indiana, the political history of the state, its mineral reserves, and much more. Super Bowl entails months of preparation, and the state competition is the culmination of those efforts. There are six teams altogether within Super Bowl (English, history, math, science, fine arts, and interdisciplinary). Of those six, only two (history and interdisciplinary) qualified for state.

Ironically, history placed second in the state at the regional competition and interdisciplinary placed fourth, after the tiebreakers were instituted. Those rankings were the same places that occurred at the state competition.

The history team was coached by Mrs. Anne Weiss. The members of the team are captain Danielle Collins, sophomore Kathryn Strimbu, sophomore Adam Kielbasa, and freshman Tom Pampalone. They earned state runner-up with a score just one point below the state champion.

The interdisciplinary team is composed of members of all subject areas. Members of this team are captain Kathryn Strimbu, senior Casey Perz, senior Prisca Mbachu, junior Danielle Collins, sophomore Elizabeth Cooley, and freshman Miranda Price. The interdisciplinary team did not have a good first round, but they made a notable comeback second round, narrowly missing placing third place in the state by the last question.

Students and coaches from the state-qualifying teams are a little disappointed that they were not able to bring home a state championship this year, but they have high aspirations for next season. The subject next year is French Revolution, which many believe will be more interesting than Hoosier History. Only time will tell, as the next season will begin next winter.

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