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19 November 2017

In with the New: Andrean Hosts Freshman Picnic

After seeing the class of 2016 graduate a few weeks ago, the Andrean family has been anxiously waiting to welcome the class of 2020 into the building. Incoming freshmen met together as a class for the first time at the Freshman Picnic on Wednesday.

The picnic began with a few nervous introductions by the freshmen, but it didn’t take long before the new high schoolers started to warm up to each other. After the parents left to attend a meeting in the library, the students engaged in several icebreaker activities where they got to know more about both each other and what it means to be a Niner.

While many within Andrean have been worried about the size of the incoming class, it’s good to know that those who are coming chose Andrean for all the right reasons. “I wanted to go to a small, Catholic school,” said Megan Thomas. Megan is excited to go to school with her older sister Jenna, an incoming junior.

“I went to St. Mary’s [in Crown Point], and I kinda want to go to school where I know everybody like I do at St. Mary’s,” said Sam Satoski.

When coming to a new school, it is almost impossible to not be both excited and nervous at the same time. Sam Satoski, John DeMass, and Adison Lytton all said that they were most excited to begin playing high school sports. John DeMass and Cassie Moran both said that they were most nervous for their classes.

Most interviewed freshmen said they were either most excited to or most nervous to meet new people and make new friends in high school; however, making new friends didn’t seem to be a problem for this bunch, as most were taking selfies and exchanging numbers by the end of the night.


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