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19 November 2017
Coach Bell utilizes a time out for his team during the first game of the varsity match against Crown Point. The team has a 2-1 record this season after winning matches against Hanover Central (3-0) and Lake Central (3-0) and falling to Crown Point (0-3).

Volleyball Players Look to a Bright Future

VB_16.08.15_Crown Point_04The Andrean volleyball team has big plans for this season. With the varsity team being a mix of fresh and experienced players, the team is looking to have the best season they have had in a while. “This is the best group we’ve had so far for my four years I’ve been here,” said outside hitter senior Danielle Moynihan.

The team has been conditioning and practicing all summer. They kicked off their season on Monday with a match against Crown Point, one of the top teams in the region. “I was excited for Crown Point,” said Moynihan, “but Bishop Noll, I am so ready for that game.” Besides Bishop Noll, other opponents the team is looking forward to playing this season are Lake Central and Munster.

“We have a very, very talented team, and I think this is the first year that we’ve all been really confident about what we have and where we can take it,” said senior Hannah Joy. Last year the girls were able to win fourteen games while losing only six during their regular season; however, this does not mean the team has nothing to improve upon.VB_16.08.15_Crown Point_10

While both Moynihan and Joy thought that the girls stand to gain the most by improving their passing and serve receive, their coach had other things in mind. “I would say we need to work on coming together as a team,” said varsity coach Graham Bell. “[This team] is a group of girls that have played together before, and another group of girls that have never played with that group, so just getting them to come together as a team, making sure that they’re all on the same page, fighting for the same thing, is really important and difficult, but we’re working on it.”

Of all the talent on the team, Bell said to look out for setter Serena Wagner (10), outside hitter Danielle Moynihan, and outside hitter Jenna Dal Santo (11) to be major assets for this season. Wagner just recently committed to Butler University in setting position.

While it sounds like the team has a lot to look forward to, there are things more important than winning. “[My favorite part about coaching this team is that they’re] just a bunch of really passionate girls,” said Bell. “They all love volleyball so much; they work so hard. A lot of times you’ll run into issues with trying to coach motivation. On this team, you don’t have to coach motivation. They all want to be there. They all try hard, striving everyday to get better. It’s really, really awesome.”


(Left) Grace O’Brien (11) goes up for the hit against Crown Point’s block.

(Right) Danielle Moynihan (12) and Christina Garcia (12) reach above the net to block Crown Point’s middle hitter.

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