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19 November 2017
Lauren Moberley (11) represents the junior class in a life-sized game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. The junior class went on to win the game as well as the armageddon points associated with it. Photo by Kathryn Strimbu

Pep Rally: Success

Co-written with Abby Wadas and Beth Azcona

Flipping and flying cheerleaders, an impromptu flash mob, and enough rainbow-hued plastic balls to play a life-sized game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos were just a few of the sights at the football pep rally on Friday. The pep rally was held in preparation for the “Bishop Bowl” football game, the first home game of the 2016 season. “The main goal of the pep rally was to just get everyone excited for the football game, because despite all the controversy over the game, Bishop Noll is still one of our biggest rivals,” said Student Council president Tessa Wojkovich (12).

The efforts at the pep rally to create enthusiasm for the game that night must have worked because, according to Wojkovich, the student section was bigger than she’d seen it in a while. “I think Dr. Bonta’s talk the day before really reminded people how important the game is to Andrean, therefore convincing them to come to the BNI game,” said Wojkovich.

Football player Eric Mularski (12) was glad to be at the pep rally. “It’s always nice to have the support of the school right before a game,” said Mularski. “I’m proud of how both teams handled the game. After all the recents events between the two schools, it was nice to see that both schools can still engage in athletic competition without negative attention being drawn toward the event.”

Onlooker Nadia Hartman (11) was ecstatic to have the entertainment for the afternoon and see a boost in morale for the student body. “I loved the pep rally for the BNI game,” said Hartman. “I thought the atmosphere of both the teachers and students was fun and energetic! My favorite part was when Mr. Listro serenaded us with his awesome singing and guitar playing skills. It definitely got the crowd hyped for the game and made me want to join his band.”

Mr. Listro set the empowering mood for the upcoming football game by playing two songs he thought fitting for the event.  As he began to play “We Are the Champions,” he invited all students to sing along with him. Students of every grade level swayed their arms in the air and belted out the classic Queen song. His next song, “Sweet Caroline,” made the students even more excited. The entire Andrean body, staff and faculty included, sang and stomped their feet to the beat of the song as the school spirit in the gym soared to a new high.

Mr. Listro’s performance may have been the highlight of the show for Hartman, but there were definitely other parts worth remembering: The Andrean Band played Demi Lovato’s “Confident” as students were ushered onto the bleachers, Student Council hosted a life-sized game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos where select students and teachers aggressively competed for Armageddon points, in a Christ-like way, and the cheerleaders performed a routine full of crazy stunts, flips, and fun.

Cheerleading captain Renee Scott (11) said that the team had been preparing for the pep rally for a while. “The stunts were probably the hardest thing, because with new girls joining the team every year, you have to teach them how to stunt,” said Scott. “Our team is very different from last year. There’s a new coach, a lot of girls graduated, and there are only eight people on varsity.” Even with the shift from last year, the girls’ routine could definitely be called a success.

After the success of the Bishop Bowl and the pep rally, Student Council president Tessa Wojkovich is looking forward to the rest of the football season. “My guess is that since the game was so much fun, we should expect more people at the upcoming games as well,” said Wojkovich. Wojkovich said that a homecoming pep rally is currently in the works, but it will definitely be one to remember. In the meantime, the next home football game will be Friday, September 9 at 7:00 p.m.


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