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16 December 2017

Andrean Welcomes Back Mr. Wachowski

One of Andrean’s most beloved teachers, Mr. Steve Wachowski, is back. He worked for Andrean from 2000 to 2015, teaching English and social studies classes. Last year, he worked at St. Michael’s in Schererville teaching middle school English. Now he has returned to teach world history and geography as well as sociology, work as a football coach, and moderate the freshman class.

“I left Andrean because they were going to start the 7:30 a.m. school day and, with that, I wouldn’t be able to drop my son off at school,” said Wachowski. “I also wanted to try to teach middle schoolers, to see what it is like. It was the same routine every year, and I just wanted to try something different.”

Last year Wachowski visited Andrean when students from St. Michael’s came in the fall for a shadow day. That was when Mr. Chris Skinner, Andrean’s new head football coach, asked Wachowski if he was interested in helping him coach Andrean football full-time. He told Skinner that he would consider it, but teachers at St. Michael’s could not leave until 4 p.m., which would have been too late for him to make it to practice.

With this new offer, Wachowski had to decide whether to return to Andrean or to teach another year at St. Michael’s. “The people were great at St. Michael’s, very nice people, but the longer I stayed there, the more I realized how much I missed the people at Andrean and the people who were in the department,” said Wachowski.

When he saw there was an opening for teaching world history and sociology, both classes he used to teach, Wachowski applied and was hired. He now both teaches at Andrean and has agreed to help Skinner coach football full time. “I’m really looking forward to working with Skinner because he was my former student; I coached him in baseball, and we developed a friendship,” Wachowski said.

Skinner is also excited to be working with Wachowski again. “I am very excited to have Wachowski back,” he said. “He is an amazing teacher.”

Wachowski is really looking forward to working at Andrean again with the people he cares about. To him, Andrean did not change much. “Everything is like before, but the RDS system is a little bit different,” he said. Wachowski also said that he is still getting into the swing of things at Andrean again.

Other teachers in the social studies department are glad that Wachowski has returned as well. Mr. Jaycob Knazur was in Wachowski’s homeroom class as a student at Andrean, and he has developed a friendship with him while teaching here. “It is great to have Mr. Wachowski back because he is an excellent teacher, and it is great to have his humor and love for Andrean back again,” said Knazur.

Wachowski taught at Andrean for fifteen consecutive years before he left, and after just one year away, he said he missed it so much that he decided to return and be with the people he loves and has developed strong friendships with. He works hard and truly loves to teach the students here at Andrean. He cannot wait to teach more students as the Andrean family continues to grow and develop with him.

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