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19 November 2017

Boys Tennis Team Determined to Succeed

This year’s Andrean boys tennis team is one to keep an eye on. With many new players who already have lots of skill, one returning player who has been playing for more than five years, and a coach with high hopes for the boys, the team is practically unstoppable. The team is committed, diligent, and optimistic for the upcoming season.

One player to watch is Thomas Pampalone (10). Pampalone started playing tennis when he was in grade school and has been playing ever since. “I had nothing to do during the summer, and that was one of the summer camps available in my neighborhood,” said Pampalone. “I decided to try it out, and it has just stuck with me for all these years.” With the training from Coach Courtney Pishkur and the sportsmanship from the rest of the team, Pampalone can help make the 2016 boys’ tennis team very successful.

One of the qualities that makes this year’s boys’ tennis team stand out is that it originally started with only one player: Pampalone. Later on in the season, Evan Hylek (12), Brian Edenfield (12), Bradley LeVeque (12), and Adam Bednarek (12) joined the team. “I am very optimistic for this season. The guys who recently joined from baseball are already playing at a very high skill level, and I think they will only keep getting better,” said Pampalone. “We have four players that have never played tennis before,” Pishkur added, “so right now we are just going over the fundamentals and the basics of tennis.” With Pishkur’s coaching strategy, all of the boys, returning and new, will be prepped and ready for sectionals.

Coach Pishkur has been leading the team thus far into the season. It is her fifth year coaching tennis and her first year coaching Andrean’s boys’ tennis team. “I love it,” Pishkur said.  “All of the boys have great attitudes and they make practice enjoyable.” During practice, she is having the boys work on the core elements of tennis so they can play their absolute best in every match.

The team already has one win under their belt against Lake Station. It was a tough game, but the Niners came out on top. “I won by a narrow margin. We played a two and a half match, and I won the tiebreaker 7-5,” said Pampalone, “There was one game where we were stuck in a deuce point for about fifteen minutes.” The team is also nervous but excited to play Chesterton, one of the region’s best teams. “I know the coach and some of the players personally, and they play very well,” said Pampalone.

Overall, this year’s tennis season should be great for the Niners. With the dedication of all the team members and the support from fans, all the boys will be motivated to do their best. Having an almost entirely new team is not something to sweat over with the amount of skill the new players have. The love of the game is what ultimately makes Andrean the team to beat.

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