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19 November 2017
Calendar’s office is located in the attendance room on the south side of Andrean’s main hallway.

Niners’ New Nurse

From a hospital in Dyer to a school in North Carolina, Mrs. Beth Calendar has seen a lot in her thirty-three years working as a nurse. Working as a school nurse for students ranging from kindergarten to eighth grade, Calendar estimates that she helped around thirty to fifty children each day. “The majority of [the student’s injuries] were … monkeybar injuries,” said Calendar. Most students she saw had been injured at recess. Calendar recalls a day when a student came to see her with a u-shaped broken arm and calmly informed Calendar that he might have hurt his arm on the slide.

Born and raised in northwest Indiana, Calendar grew up in Griffith and received her Associate degree from Purdue University in 1982. She went back to school and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Nurse Practitioner Certificate ten years later. After graduating, Calendar got a job at a hospital, and her career as a nurse began. From the time she graduated until 2014, Calendar worked at St. Margaret’s Hospital and Outpatient Clinic in Dyer. In 2014, she moved to North Carolina to help her brother with a health crisis. While living there, she got into school health nursing and fell in love with it. She moved back to Northwest Indiana when her brother was well and she realized that she wanted to continue working as a school nurse. “I really wanted to stay in school health and work with kids,” said Calendar.

The opportunity to transition back to the region after living in North Carolina and to stay in school health inspired Calendar to work at Andrean High School. After working with students from Kindergarten to eighth grade, she wanted to gain experience working with high school students. Calendar said she has felt nothing but welcomed by the faculty, staff, and students at Andrean. “Even just in the hallways passing by, everyone seems so friendly here,” said Calendar. She was delighted to discover such a family atmosphere at 5959 Broadway. “I really like how the faith, the mission of Andrean, encompasses the education,” said Calendar.

The student body in particular has impressed Calendar. Most striking to Calendar was the students’ desire to gain knowledge and their enthusiasm for learning. The students also think highly of Calendar. “I hear she’s lovely,” says Nadia Hartman, a junior at Andrean. Dani Norton, a junior who met the new nurse while dropping off her asthma medication, said her first impression of Calendar was that the nurse seemed really nice. Interviewed students overwhelmingly agreed that a full-time nurse will make a great addition to the Andrean staff. “I hope [Calendar] stays around for a long time,” says Norton.

Andrean’s administration is also pleased to have Calendar working at Andrean. “Already she has been a wonderful resource for our students, and I am glad that she joined the Andrean family,” says Dr. Tony Bonta. “She is a kind and positive person that wants to help Andrean to continue to improve.  Furthermore, she is always asking if there is anything she can do to help others.  We are blessed to have her as part of our family,” says Mr. Scott Henwood.

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