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19 November 2017
Dr. Tony Bonta cheers amongst Niner Nation during the Bishop Bowl. Photo by K. Strimbu

Bishop Bowl

Written with the assistance of Elizabeth Cooley, Kathryn Strimbu, and Abby Wadas

All eyes were on Andrean High School on the night of August 26, the date of the “Bishop Bowl.” The Bishop Bowl was the football game of the two high schools in the diocese of Gary, Bishop Noll Institute and, of course, Andrean High School.

After the negative events occurring at last year’s basketball game against BNI, students, faculty, and media were all on their toes. “We don’t want any negativity at this game,” said football captain Danny Murray (12) as he addressed the student body at the pep rally that preceded the Bishop Bowl. The pep rally set the school up for a fun, positive game, and that is exactly what they got.

The student section for each school was truly a sight to see. Andrean did a red-out, and the student section was especially notable for their fathead of Coach Skinner. Bishop Noll students flooded through the gates as well, sporting luaus and grass skirts. “Hopefully everyone gets along, and it’s just a fun game,” said one Bishop Noll student right before the game began. Spirits were high as the game started off, and they did not diminish. Even as the score rose in Andrean’s favor, BNI students could still be seen excitedly shaking the stands in their student section.

The student section even invited acting administrator Dr. Bonta up into the stands where he took a photo with Niner Nation. “That right there, that’s what Andrean’s all about, having fun,” said Dr. Tony Bonta. The students all seemed to agree that this was one of the most fun games of the season, and there were no reports of bad behavior. Before the game, Dr. Bonta was confident that the students would do the right thing, and they did.

During the game, some Niners ran over to the Bishop Noll student section and took pictures with them, to exemplify the unity between the two Catholic schools. “We’re turning in the right direction,” said Niner Nation leader Evan Hylek (12). Niner Nation has really been focusing on returning to pride in Andrean and having a lot of fun at the same time, which they will continue to do in the upcoming school year. “We do have some tricks up our sleeves,” said Niner Nation leader Tessa Wojkovich. “You’ll just have to wait and see,” said Hylek. According to the student body and administration, this year will definitely be a good one.

So, what exactly is going on at Andrean High School? “Great things,” said Bonta.

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