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19 November 2017
The Spell Bowl team poses with their winning score of fifty-seven words. Photo by Deborah Price

Spell Bowl Wins First Place at Invitational

Andrean won first place in the Spell Bowl invitational held at Andrean High School on Thursday October 6th. “Overall, I was very pleased,” said Miss Mary Kopil, coach of Andrean’s Spell Bowl team. Andrean Senior, Danielle Collins, scored a perfect 9. This was the first time a Spell Bowl meet has been held at Andrean in quite a long time. “I think everybody handled themselves very well. It makes me encouraged for the future,” Kopil said.

Last year, the team won the title of State Champion with a score of 63 out of 90. Their final score at the invitational this year was 57 out of 90. “We definitely have to get through a lot of words between now and regionals,” Kopil said. This year’s team has several new members. “I think [the new members] did a lot better than the brand new people that we’ve had in the past. They at least met, if not superseded my expectations,” Kopil said.

There is always room for improvement, but the spellers can be too hard on themselves sometimes. “[The spellers need] to cut themselves some slack, because the worst thing people can do is put pressure on themselves or second guess themselves,” Kopil said. “[The new members] know what to expect now, how it goes. Now [they] don’t have to put as much pressure on [themselves].”

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