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19 November 2017
Darren Zancan ('00) and Dr. Tony Bonta pose in front of a set for the Andrean video series.

Showing Andrean to the World: Zancan Gives Back to Andrean

Like many other high schools, Andrean is almost always bustling with activity. Last April, however, the school was even busier than usual. This is all because alumnus Darren Zancan (‘00), the head of DMZ Productions, began filming a series of promotional videos featuring Andrean students, teachers, administration, staff, and alumni. Four months and two teaser videos later, the series made its official debut at the Andrean Golf Classic on August 7.

The series has been in the works for quite a while, and it certainly hasn’t been easy. Zancan began planning and preparing for the videos since January. During filming, Zancan and his crew worked ten-hour days, and once that was over, there was the gruelling process of actually making and editing the video.

After over eight months of hard work, some may wonder what made Zancan offer to take on such a time-consuming project. “I started seeing a need for some PR stuff, and I thought, well, this would be a good opportunity to give back. I thought my talents would be better than just writing a check,” Zancan said. “It really comes down to those of us who have graduated to help continue the legacy of Andrean. As soon as we get our high school diplomas, we become ambassadors of the school.”

The series is made up of four videos that are each about eight minutes long. The main topics are faith (Catholicism), experience (leadership), excellence (academics), and history (alumni). According to Zancan, his goal was to capture what the word “Andrean” means. “There’s so much that embodies Andrean… there’s not one thing, but it all kind of comes back together as one thing,” he said. “They all intermingle. It’s like a spider web… so you’ll see little aspects from each part trickle into others.”

This series is not the first promotional video that Andrean has produced. According to Mr. Chris Skinner, one was made in the early 2000s while he was an elementary school student. Now, Skinner is featured multiple times in the current series because of his involvement at Andrean as a teacher, an alumnus, and the head football coach.

Skinner has high hopes that the videos will be effective in presenting what the school is all about. “If people watch them, they’re going to be informed in a good way about Andrean… I hope they just see all those different things and what Andrean has to offer,” he said.

Senior Meredith Osmulski was also featured in the series along with several other students about why she enjoys attending Andrean and what she thinks some of its best qualities are. “I think people understand my love for Andrean, and I hope people see how genuine and unfiltered it is,” Osmulski said.

Now that the series is complete, it will be shown at school visits, open houses, and other events for prospective families to get a closer look at what happens at Andrean. It will also be available on Vimeo and other social media.

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